The government is helping local councils and developers work with local communities to plan and build better places to live for everyone. This includes building affordable housing, improving the quality of rented housing, helping more people to buy a home, and providing housing support for vulnerable people.

If you need social housing, you can find below the government guidance on how to get it.  

Allocation of accommodation: Guidance for local housing authorities in England

 Providing social housing for local people. (December 2013)

This statutory guidance on social housing allocations for local authorities in England aims to assist them to take advantage of the provisions in the Localism Act 2011. It also encourages authorities to make use of the existing flexibilities within the allocation legislation to ensure that social homes go to people who need and deserve them the most, such as hard working families and members of the Armed Forces.

The guidance is an important part of the government's commitment to make the social housing system more flexible and responsive.

The additional guidance added on 31 December 2013 also covers social housing allocations, residency and local association. This guidance ensures councils require people to have lived in the area for at least 2 years. Only those who pass this test will be accepted onto the waiting list in their local area - and then be considered for social housing. 

There are many government and municipal programs to assist people in obtaining housing and improve their living conditions.

If you need help in contacting the relevant authorities to obtain housing or fill in the appropriate application , we will assist you with this .

Population increases due to the influx of immigrants and natural population growth. In such circumstances, the population density increases, and we find ourselves in the face of social problems - such as disputes with neighbors and disputes between the tenant and the landlord.


The policy of our society leads us to a peaceful solution to emerging issues through negotiations and discussions. However, if these methods do not help - here we come to your aid .

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