Undoubtedly , your presentation in court by a barrister or a solicitor will give you the confidence and peace of mind. However... There are some arguments that you represented yourself in the court.
1) No one except you can not know all the minute details of your case
2) It is safer for you if you 're fully prepared to represent yourself in the court. In this case, you will be able to protect yourself the very best of any lawyer .
3) Your representation in court by a barrister or other qualified lawyer will entail huge costs, as these services are expensive.

As the new law has kicked in which reduces the amount of case that qualify for legal aid the Bar Council has produced this document


This Guide looks to help 'litigants-in-person' through their legal journey, which can be a very daunting, complicated and expensive experience.
It is extremely important to be aware at the outset that if you start any legal action against someone else, if you are unsuccessful, you might be liable to pay for their legal
costs (whether you have a lawyer or not). Always bear this in mind from the very beginning.

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