Most of our lives is related to our work. It is therefore very important that our work is not accompanied by stressful situations , there was no need for solutions to labor disputes and difficult communication situations in the workplace.



 No problem too great, No stone left unturnedemployment problems, assistance for employee and employer
There is a vast amount of ways to solve the labor dispute.
This may be a negotiation, conciliation, meditation and arbitration.
These ways of solving your dispute can reduce the financial burden of litigious action.
Only if you can not solve your problem mentioned ways, please refer to the tribunal.
Our professionals have extensive experience working with both employees and their employers.
We can help you in any difficult situation.
We provide strategic input and direction on high-risk and sensitive contentious work.
Our team has vast experience of advising clients on contentious issues, assisting clients before all national courts (as well as the European Court of Justice) and employment tribunals in the full range of individual and collective labour conflicts.
This expertise is be a real strength and tangible value to clients, working with us to limit their reputational and financial damage.
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